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On September 12, 2016
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After reviewing the 3 gears, we recommend Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Well,  we always plan of joining a Gym for reducing our weight or for that matter maintaining our weight. But where is the time for strength workout? The time seldom comes when we join a Gym and when we join with great enthusiasm and excitement, after some days or some months, the same excitement goes down. So what is the solution for this? How can I lose my weight without going to gym? How do I maintain my fitness levels doing some exercises at home ? Well we have the answer.

There are many strength training equipments which are available and will help you answer your above questions. These gears should form part of your daily strenght workout. You can exercise in the comfort of your home with these strength equipments. But how do I get the best quality equipments and that too at cheap prices.

We have listed some of the best quality gears which are available at cheap discounted prices and overall which will help you lose your weight.

Lets look at some of the Strength Training Equipments…..

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment

Wonder Core Smart Fitness is a fitness equipment that will put you on your way to a stronger core and shredded ABS. Whether you are looking to strengthen your muscles or tone for bikini season, this is the gear that is sure to impress you. The Wonder Core Smart Fitness is designed to provide a laser focus on your upper, middle and lower ABS and oblique muscles for well-rounded workout you will feel all over. It is a fitness accessory that no athlete should be without.

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Below are some of the features of  Wonder Core Smart Fitness Gear…….

  1. Product Dimensions : 20.5 x 21.6 x 15 inches
  2. Item Weight : 14.3 pounds
  3. This gear provides total body muscle toning and cardio in one compact system
  4. Allows you to target a variety of muscle groups, including your upper, middle and lower ABS and oblique, thighs, gluts, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps
  5. This beautiful machine is Portable. You can carry anywhere you want
  6. Comes Fully Assembled
  7. Has adjustable dual resistance

For better results, Wonder Core is intended for regular use in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver ProPerfect fitness Ab carver proOne of the Best Gears is The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro which will help you get ripped abs and sculpted    arms.  It helps to strengthen your arms and abs. The machine comes with kinetic engine which uses a carbon steel spring to turbo charge your abdominal and arm workouts and the overall strength workout. It provides resistance as you roll out and offers you assistance when you roll back. The ultra wide tread provides maximum stability when carving left, right and center.  This beauty comes with Ergonomic hand grips which will help strengthen your arm and core muscles. Even the carbon steel spring coils add up to add resistance on the way out and assistance on the way back.

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 The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro comes with the below features…..

  1. Product Dimensions : 9 x 7.9 x 9 inches
  2. Item Weight : 5.2 pounds
  3. Kinetic Engine : It comes with kinetic engine
  4. Ultra Wide Wheel : The Ultra Wide Wheel stabilizes movement to carve left, right and center.
  5. Performance Grips : Rubberized, non-slip ergonomic grips for stability control
  6. Foam Kneepad : You get a Foam kneepad with this machine


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Speed Abs Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel

The Speed Abs Workout System will give you a strong, ribbed abs using the ultimate total ab workout. With the abs roller, you not only strengthen your core but also receive a full body workout that involves your shoulders, back and arms.  These are all part of strength workout.

Speed Abs Complete Workout

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Below are the Product Features…..

  1. Product Dimensions : 9.4 x 3.5 x 7.9 inches
  2. Item Weight : 2.7 pounds
  3. Strengthens and tone your upper abs, lower abs, oblique and entire core
  4. Gets chiseled shoulders, shredded arms and your V-shaped back with the Speed Abs exercise wheel
  5. Ab machine features durable steel coil to provide resistance on the way out and a controlled return. The grip is rubberized to reduce hand fatique and increase control and comfort
  6. Supercharge your Metabolism. The gear is appropriate for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced.
  7. Using the machine on the floor surface to get the most of your abdominal exercise routine

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So if you are looking for some best strength workout training equipments, all the above 3 beauties solve your problem for a better arm, better abs, better arms and better shoulders.

We recommend Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro   which scores above the other two.


After reviewing the 3 gears, we recommend Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

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